'THE' chauffeur software.

Manage your fleet, communicate with your clients, be the best.

CDS is the best chauffeur software platform, due to the clever blending of innovation and technology to develop our platform. Firstly, giving you a chauffeur booking software solution you can grow by, secondly, at a fair price, and lastly, the dispatch software works if you are an owner driver or own a vehicle fleet. 

Above all, we are driven by a desire to give you a total chauffeur software system, that joins up all the parts of your business.

Passenger Benefits

A dispatch system where both the booking process is easy, and communications with your clients are professional.  With the result that you can deliver a smooth service to your client at every stage of the journey.

Company Benefits

Briefly, our clever and easy-to-use, cloud-based chauffeur software application was created to help you develop your relationships. Either with your chauffeur company, subcontractors, or owner-drivers.

Partner Benefits

In view of the ease with which you can nurture your partner networks in the CDS chauffeur booking software platform. Then this means networking and integrating with your chosen partners is clear and hassle-free.

We are sure that with our tools you can reach your business goals, while not paying the earth.

To be sure, CDS chauffeur software is totally invested in you and your story.  So, why not let us help you towards a profitable and successful future?


Two-way Client Communications.

Corporate and private chauffeur clients will love, not only the client portals and web portals but also the stylish passenger Apps in our chauffeur software. 

Because firstly they can book, review, and edit bookings, and then they can view and print their invoices with ease. Finally, they can not only see, but also filter, and print reports of past bookings in our dispatch software.

Chauffeur drive software passenger App

Passenger App

Either use our own CDS voyager App in our private hire software.  Or brand your App to make the customer experience more personal and to help build your brand? So you choose!

Driver tracking with CDS

Driver tracking

And in addition, clients can also see where the driver is during the hire. While at the same time, your office can follow live jobs on the chauffeur software platform,

Ultimate Private Hire
Louise McKinnon

"We have been using Chauffeur Drive systems for a number of years now and would highly recommend.

It’s a great and easy system to use with plenty of features for your business and customer. Denise and Gareth are great and always on hand if you need any help!"

Put your best foot forward

Without a doubt, our chauffeur software helps you give your clients a more personal experience that helps secure their loyalty. In fact, this is another good reason why you need the CDS chauffeur booking software!

Chauffeur booking software that learns
The chauffeur software builds on customer experience
Our chauffeur booking software can be branded
Customise CDS chauffeur software communications
Chauffeur Drive software feedback feature
Growing to scale

It's a fact that when you use the CDS Chauffeur booking software, your business will thrive and grow - then why not call us?

As we at CDS know that scaling a business is scary, with that in mind we give you a complete chauffeur software platform that doesn’t cost the earth. 

Along with, the partner tools to help you take on the competition. This in essence means, your company can look as large and professional as the big industry players. To sum up, call us soon to see a demo of our dispatch software, and set the future in motion.

CDS chauffeur software is in the cloud

Easy setup

Due to the dispatch software being web-based, so it works on any device with an internet connection. Also, you can have as many logins as you need.

Just a login is all you need to get online on your CDS software platform

Always at hand

And when you want to run your office, for instance, while out on the job, or even if you are on holiday,  then just log into the CDS chauffeur software.

Global chauffeur software platform

Adapts to you

What’s more, in CDS chauffeur software you can use different currencies, as well as time zones, and also run many companies. On the one dashboard view.

Access to a Global network

Firstly thanks to CDS Connect, which is our CDS networking feature, in our chauffeur software. This means we can join together with partner companies not just locally but anywhere in the world. Secondly, we integrate with GNet, thus giving our users access to even more work from partner chauffeur companies globally.

Clear pricing made to scale with you


Not only do we give you a really smart chauffeur software system, but also at a really simple price!

Plus, our dispatch software has no contract or hidden charges. 

So basically, it’s as simple as that.

Because you should be where your clients need you!

If you want to extend your brand across the world, then CDS chauffeur software is here for you.

In brief, building a global brand with our chauffeur drive software is easy and will help take your valued, hard-earned, and trusted reputation worldwide.  With the added bonus of, giving your loyal clients the same quality and service wherever they go.

CDS chauffeur software collaboration tools
Global partner tools

By using CDS Connect and GNet in the CDS chauffeur software can, without a doubt, increase the scope of your company.

Owing to the unique features, of our dispatch software, you can build trusted networks at home and also globally. 

With this in mind, our tools promote users to network and share jobs, which is vital in today’s market.

CDS Connect and GNet
Global and National Network
Choose your Partners
Join and Share Work
Chauffeur Software creating trusted partner network
Trusted Partners

If you create and manage your network of your own vetted and trusted partners, in the chauffeur software.  Then you only join with and work with those to whom you would entrust your valued clients.

Chauffeur Software that is multi-lingual and multi-company

Not only does the CDS chauffeur software have fully integrated multi-lingual client communications and multi-currency potential, but this feature also carries through to billing and invoicing. 

Chauffeur booking software that can be branded

Also, our chauffeur software platform sends out all communications to your client from you, even if it is your partner doing the job. In order that you don’t lose touch with your clients.

Chauffeur booking system that you can brand
White Labelling

Either brand all your passenger communications in CDS chauffeur software with your own brand, or with a client branding such as a hotel, travel booking company, or even another chauffeur company.

Neither a free for all or a job pool!

To explain, it is you who vet the members of your network, in the CDS chauffeur software and choose to whom you offer the work.  Therefore the connect feature in our chauffeur software is not a job pool or ‘price-bartering‘ race to the bottom.

Basically, it is your business in your hand

Chauffeur Driver App


When the driver logs availability through the App, and also the area where they operate. Then this feeds through to the chauffeur software, and on the App, there is a record of all jobs and what they were paid.


Uniquely, as our APP works across all CDS users. So this basically means that even if you do not use the CDS chauffeur software but use our app, then all jobs from all CDS companies will display on the one App.

Filling return journeys

Because we need to take more care of our planet while also working to make a profit. To this end, features in the chauffeur software firstly help better route planning and secondly vehicle and driver use. 


So to make it easy for you to select and manage your network. After the driver has signed up for the App, then they upload all their images, certificates, and lastly their vehicle documents, also through the App.


In short, safety and security are our priority, in our chauffeur software.

2 way number masking in our chauffeur drive software

So by using our 2-way number masking feature in our chauffeur software, that means you will comply with GDPR and ensure the privacy of the client. While also limiting client/driver making contact outside the job.

A chauffeur booking software that also does invoicing

Short address codes to hide personal passenger data, can not only be used on invoices but on all communications leaving the CDS chauffeur software.

Vehicle sign off and sign in CDS chauffeur software
Driver vehicle sign on

If you use the vehicle checklist, along with the walk-around photo upload, this can aid your due diligence. And as the Images are logged in the chauffeur software, then this helps with vehicle safety and also driver responsibility.

Chauffeur booking software that helps with compliance

Then the driver hours can be tracked in the document management section of the CDS chauffeur software. Hence showing, not only if driver training is up-to-date, but as well as their documents and certifications.

In the cloud!

Cloud-based chauffeur software? …. 100%

Given that all data in the CDS chauffeur software is stored in Microsoft Azure servers, then this means that there is neither data nor uploads on any device. Resulting in no trace being left on hardware and so helping with GDPR.


Not only are the driver and vehicle images sent automatically from our chauffeur software, to update the client, by SMS and email, but also of the pick-up location.

Vehicle tracking

Resulting from our integration with what3words (W3W), and Google in the chauffeur software. This means we can display the most reliable vehicle tracking.

Tracking Link

Another clever feature is that the Journey tracking links in the CDS chauffeur software can be sent to a 3rd person so that they can track the journey.

Live Updates

On account of the real-time updates of communications between the company and client, in the CDS chauffeur software, this results in first-class customer service delivery every time.


International clients will undoubtedly be impressed, due to the multi-lingual communications in our private hire software. And coupled with the multi-currency functionality to make things simple.

Number Masking

Masking the client and driver numbers is vital to protect client and driver privacy, and is another great feature of our chauffeur software. Both ensure their security and privacy, while you protect your client base.


Thanks to a reactive dashboard in our chauffeur software, this means job status updates and status alerts change as they happen. So in the event that things are not going to plan, you can be on it.

Card Payment Gateway

As well as our pricing and integration with card payment gateways being simple. In the CDS chauffeur booking software, we also use SCA-compliant payment card storage.

Client Preferences

Firstly client needs and preferences are stored in the chauffeur software, then these are brought up in every booking. Also, the system learns what the client wants, which results in 100% customer satisfaction.

Measure what matters

Manage, Control and Analyse

Above all, CDS chauffeur dispatch software helps you both evaluate and plan for your company’s growth. And as a matter of fact, this can result in your company being more efficient, and effective and even increase your profit.

Basically, it is essential to review your company data all the time. With the result that by keeping track of what is happening then you can make sure that it is working at its best and making a profit.

For this reason, we have data screens in the chauffeur software, that you can not only modify to suit you but also download and print the reports in a clear format, which helps with planning. 

Management reports

So as to help with planning, then all the reports and analysis grids can be downloaded and printed when using the CDS dispatch software platform.

Document management system

You can also upload, store and print all important certificates, images and documents, whenever you use the CDS chauffeur software.

Unique vehicle and driver planner

After the driver logs their availability through the driver App, then this will show on the planner in the chauffeur software. which makes driver planning easy.

Transport for London (TFL) compliant

And creating the weekly report for TFL, is easy using our chauffeur software. Firstly it creates the report for you and secondly, you just compile and send it.

Users can create reports

In other words, you can modify the data grids in the CDS chauffeur software to create the reports you need.  Then they can be saved, downloaded, and printed.

Vehicle and driver usage

Also, to help fill return journeys, and back-to-back jobs, we added a ‘threading’ feature in our chauffeur software.

Caring for the Future

If you want to act for a Greener Future,
then use CDS chauffeur drive software.

CDS corporate grove

 And we at CDS also take our corporate responsibility seriously, by planting trees in a Scottish rewilding project.  That is to say, we plant a tree for each new company on our chauffeur system. 

CO2 reporting

Not only can CO2 emissions for each journey be calculated in the chauffeur software, but can also be itemised on invoices. Thus, corporate clients can create CO2 reports for stakeholders.

Car share

Due to the ability to match hires in the planner, passengers can share a car.  The result is that by using our chauffeur software your clients can reduce their costs and also their CO2 impact.

Planning tools in CDS chauffeur software to report and save CO2
Plan to be better for the planet
We also provide tools in our dispatch software, to work out both the CO2 emissions for each journey, while at the same time itemising cost and CO2 savings on invoicing. Then reports can be created for your corporate clients, so as to aid in controlling their carbon footprint.
Chauffeur booking software made in the UK
Made in the British Isles' with ❤️

Taking British Pride across the globe

While working from our offices in the historic city of Stirling, our chauffeur booking software has travelled across the pond, and then some!

All in all, are you not only ready to save time, but also to win new clients and go global?

So to learn what our chauffeur software can do for your business, above all, you need to see it in action. Then contact us for a demo.